Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Time, Who Are You

Time, Who Are You?

Time, you are always somewhere
Whether it's behind or ahead of me
I can always tell when you have passed
Things are either complete or waiting on me

Time, you wait on no one
You always have your own agenda
You proceed as you please with or without caution
So many people check for you all day
But you never check for them

Time, do you ever change your pace
You are measured several different ways
However, you're always equal in some form or fashion
A lot takes place while you are on the clock
Some things are never completed, but that doesn't slow you down

Time, do you have feelings
People are always strapped for you
Are you ever strapped for anything
Despite it all, you're always in the same mood

Time, I've figured you out
You will never wait on us
You will never change your pace
You will never be affected by actions
You will just continue to do what you do best and that's go by

Until my next theme,
- SOLAR 40

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