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Gifts, gifts, and gifts!

So I know I'm months ahead, but if you know me then you are not surprised! Anywho, some of the gifts I ordered for my wedding party arrived, and I am one happy girl! They look even better in person than they did online, which is rare for some purchases. I'm so excited right now! My how the small things can bring such joy. On top of this we have a tasting tomorrow evening, and I have a feeling it's going to go great!

So glad my online purchase didn't turn out like it did for this guy! Haha

Well back to my world of organizing, saving, and preparing!

Until next time,
-Solar 40


I feel like time is flying by. I had over 13 months when I got engaged, but now it's down to 9.5! Eeek!!! However, I am super excited and the planning is still chugging along. Made some great purchases yesterday and marked some to-dos off! Woohoo!

  • Welcome bags for OOT guests
  • Bags for my bridal party/hostess gifts
  • Gifts for the flower girls and ring bearer
  • Gifts for the hostesses
Doesn't seem like a lot, but it was too me!! S/O to Oriental Trading, plus I got free shipping and earned almost 600 reward points!! Ha, you prob think I'm a nut to get excited over that, but if you know me then you know I love a deal and earning points for redemption:) Do you know of other great sites where you can get reliable wedding supplies, neat things? If so, please be so kind to share with me:) Thanks in advance!

 So, I mentioned the other day that I started posting on Wedding Bee, and let me tell you that in the short few days that I have been on there I have become addicted!! That's a good and bad thing. Good because I have gotten some great DIY ideas from there and bad because I want to read every post on there, HA! but that is not realistic since I work majority of the day. Either way I love being involved in that wedding community with brides from all over:) There are some savvy and stylish brides on there!

Well until next time, check out the welcome bags I purchased from Oriental Trading. I just had to show someone and who better than you all;)

-Solar 40


 I've been meaning to blog about our upcoming wedding since we got engaged but with all the planning thus far I just never made the time to do this. No wedding planning blues, just Wedding NEWS or so I thought! And that's exactly what I'll be posting about. So many things I have to back track and post. Can't wait to look back at this site 10 years from now and relive the wedding planning process:)

So let me bring you up to speed on where we are since our engagement began on February 11, 2012 :)

  • I attempted to plan this wedding myself and things were going well. We were able to do the following:
  • Plan and have a beautiful engagement luncheon with our family
  • Find our ceremony venue
  • Book our wonderful decorators: South Carolina Wedding Co. Tammy & Glen can do anything!
  • Booked our photographer, Dom, who is one of my great friends. Check out his wonderful blog
  • Book our DJ
  • Started the massive guest list task! Uggghh, Thought we could keep that under 200, yeah right...
  • Decide on our wedding colors: Yay for black, ivory, and champagne! Love them:)
  • Then things starting taking a different turn and I was starting to see STRESS in my future...
  • Almost went crazy trying to find a caterer that wouldn't BREAK THE BANK! Fail...
  • Thanks to the expensive caterers we had to rule out the reception venue of our dreams...SADNESS
  • But then we prayed and prayed, and God allowed Tammy to introduce us to an amazing PLANNER-  Woohoo, don't know what we'd do without Keshia at Planned Occasion!
    • NOTE to self: Pray first before doing anything and thinking you are in control.
  • Then, things began to look up and we were all smiles thanks to Keshia, bc she was able to...
  • Book our dream reception venue that we thought we couldn't get because of catering issues! YES x 10!
  • Book an affordable caterer for us:) What a blessing she is to us!
  • We turned the wedding over to her and were smooth sailing and relaxing
  • Started our engaged couples class at church: 2 Becoming 1
  • After several emails with the bridal party and a trip to DB with my MOH's I selected their dresses:)
  • Created our wedding site with the help of my MOH at The Scott's Crib. Check out her blog too and she is available to create a site/blog for you if you are interested ;) She know's her stuff people!
And that's where we are with some things in the works
  • Food tasting in a few days
  • Planned out of town dress shopping trip for me with the moms in July: EXCITED
  • Invitation selection in July
  • Cake tasting in July
  • STILL working on the guest list, which is currently at like 310 I think. I'm praying that'll decrease lol
    • NOTE: Praying hard on this one:) I know it will work out!
-Solar 40

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