Thursday, April 7, 2011

Junk Mail is a Pain!

Do you ever go to your mailbox and suddenly get annoyed when you realize that there was no REAL mail for you in there, but there was tons of JUNK mail? Well, I know I do, and today I got tired of being tired.  I did some research and was able to opt-out of several mailings that I am tired of receiving. I know I CAN'T be the only person annoyed by this.

I am GLAD to share the different resources that you can use to put an END to your junk mail days soon!
Below is a main junk mail site that explains all the guidelines and privacy rights about how your information is shared and the different routes you can take to minimize your Junk mail.  In addition to this site, I have also included other sources that I found from articles and immediately used.


Main site:  Junk Mail

  • DMA Choice:  After signing up and entering your email address, be sure to confirm your email and then go through and use the 'Manage My Mail' option to opt-out of credit offers, catalogs, magazine offers, and other mail offers.
  • Valassis (Val-Pack)
  • Abacus: Email- with your First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name, and Current Address and also your Previous address if you moved in the last 6 months.
Please note that it may take 5-6 weeks to be fully removed from the different databases, so don't fret if you receive junk mail over the next few weeks. If I notice that these sources were not successful for me, I WILL LET YOU KNOW:)

"Don't read that trash; read this”- William Faulkner

Until my next Trash Drop,

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