Thursday, June 14, 2012

9.5 months to go!

I feel like time is flying by. I had over 13 months when I got engaged, but now it's down to 9.5! Eeek!!! However, I am super excited and the planning is still chugging along. Made some great purchases yesterday and marked some to-dos off! Woohoo!

  • Welcome bags for OOT guests
  • Bags for my bridal party/hostess gifts
  • Gifts for the flower girls and ring bearer
  • Gifts for the hostesses
Doesn't seem like a lot, but it was too me!! S/O to Oriental Trading, plus I got free shipping and earned almost 600 reward points!! Ha, you prob think I'm a nut to get excited over that, but if you know me then you know I love a deal and earning points for redemption:) Do you know of other great sites where you can get reliable wedding supplies, neat things? If so, please be so kind to share with me:) Thanks in advance!

 So, I mentioned the other day that I started posting on Wedding Bee, and let me tell you that in the short few days that I have been on there I have become addicted!! That's a good and bad thing. Good because I have gotten some great DIY ideas from there and bad because I want to read every post on there, HA! but that is not realistic since I work majority of the day. Either way I love being involved in that wedding community with brides from all over:) There are some savvy and stylish brides on there!

Well until next time, check out the welcome bags I purchased from Oriental Trading. I just had to show someone and who better than you all;)

-Solar 40

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