Monday, June 11, 2012

I'm Back!!

I'm BAAAACCCCCKKKK, hope you all haven't forgotten about me!

I've been gone for almost a year and sooo many great things have happened! I'm back, refreshed, ENGAGED, planning a wedding, organizing my life on a higher level, beasting at improving my finances, steadily helping others, and learning, learning, and learning!

I decided to jump back into this and release all these million thoughts I have these days with all that's going on. Since we've been engaged, I have such a new look on relationships and marriage, and my organization skills have definitely gotten better as a result. My fiancé and I have been enrolled in wonderful and spiritual couples' classes at church since the start of 2012 and let me just tell you that we have definitely grown even closer to God and each other, while learning a lot from other couples and each other. I will definitely dive into several topics that have sparked from our classes.

I won't make the broken promise that I will be posting every day or even every week, but I will be at least posting something every month, whether it's just about me, music, the wedding, relationships, or whatever else comes to mind. So I hope you will check me out here and there when you get a chance.

Glad to be back,
Solar 40

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