Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thankful Thursday

It's Thursday! So you know what that means...THANKFUL THURSDAY!

Today I'm thankful for my lovely stylist, Jacquetta Ross, owner of Always Cuttin' Up in Charleston, SC. If you know me well, then you know I always get my hair styled every other Thursday. On Hair Day I wake up with a smile, because I know that I'm going to partake in some afternoon fun and engaging conversations while getting my hair glammed up. There is just something about a hair salon that makes me feel alive and extra happy.

My stylist is very comical and knowledgeable. I always leave with a new tip on couponing and finances or a new way to protect my hair. In addition to her wonderful spirit, her other clients are a delight to me as well. Carefree chatter and the sweet smell of fruit scented hair products just do something to me!

Conversations range from love, to marriage, to finances, and right down to world news. Thank you Jacquetta for always bringing a smile to my face while keeping my hair nice and healthy. Couldn't ask for a better stylist!

Well I'm out but come back next Thursday to find out what else I'm thankful for.

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I'm happy as can be with a nice style from Always Cuttin' Up :)


  1. Don't you love a great stylist! I love going to mine, though I do not go as often as I should. Life gets in the way. Awesome Thankful Thursday post!

  2. Thanks! "Life gets in the way"--> catchy and sounds like it could be a great blog topic for you:)

  3. I dont have a good stylist :-( Im trying to grow my hair out but i still need it to look good as it grows LOL

  4. You can be your own great stylist:) Get some great leave-in conditioner and put in on each week and try some new hair accessories for different styles. It'll look nice and grow super fast:)

  5. I'm still looking for my perfect stylist!! hehe... They can be hard to come by, but as soon as you have your favorite you sure hold on tight! ;) Happy Hair Day! ;)

  6. You are so right Chelsea!! Very hard to come by:) Thanks for stopping by!

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