Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Distinguishing Roles Within A Relationship

How do you distinguish roles within your relationship? Do you act the same way around your mate no matter where you are, whether it's around your kids, parents, friends? Well, this is one topic that could go in so many directions based on various situations and relationships.  One of my loyal Book of 40 readers, who is a mother and wife left a comment on a previous post, "Time, Love Biggie #1" and requested I expand on "Distinguishing roles within a relationship".  Here is an excerpt from the comment "a good topic would be how to distinguish roles within a relationship. Are you prudish around your parents or lovey dovey? Do you find it easy to kiss each other around family?"

I thought long and hard about this topic, and after a while, a particular Bible verse came to mind:  
Ephesians 5:31 “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.”

My overall impression and answer to the topic for my married reader is that once you are united and married you are to love and cherish each other under all circumstances and in all occasions. The first question from the comment was "Are you prudish around your parents or lovey dovey?" To answer, this NO!! You should show your love for your mate/spouse around all company, whether it be parents, friends, coworkers, other relatives. Always make them feel loved. Love carries the world. There is already a lack of it in different areas, so when we have the opportunity to show it, DO SO! Parents know that you are in a relationship/married and they must respect this.

This leads us right into the second question from the comment "Do you find it easy to kiss each other around family?" YES! It may make them feel a little uncomfortable at first, but they will get used to it. There is nothing like a nice kiss, a long hug, or a stroke on the arm when in the presence of others. It's not "showing off" or trying to make others jealous of what you have, it's showing your partner love and expressing exactly how you feel. Love should be expressed everywhere and not just behind closed doors. Now I'm not saying do anything vulgar or X-rated in front of others lol, as you may end up with other issues, but that's another post for another day :)

I love being out and seeing couples kiss and hold hands. They have love that is not envious of anyone or anything and they are not ashamed to let the world know it.  My boyfriend and I hold hands pretty much wherever we go, and sometimes when visiting people we hold hands when just merely chatting and sitting on the couch without even realizing it. I like to feel loved at all times, on my good and bad days. You never know the effect of a simple kiss or gesture. For all you know, when they walked in and met you at a dinner party, they just came from the worst day ever at work, but then you greeted and kissed them and it reminded them that "Work is over for today and love is here now". The next time you're out in public shopping with your mate or visiting relatives, do something nice and sweet to express your love. PUCKER UP readers and show your LOVE!!

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  1. I love it!!! Well said and well put...I must remind myself of this at times as my husband an I were extremely affectionate before the I-do's but sometimes after marriage we become complacent. I still love my husband with everything in me and this is the encouragement that anyone needs to step it up and pucker up!!!

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  3. Thanks! Dating and marriages take work and we have to remember to make time to do the things we used to do. That's right, Pucker up at The Scott's Crib:)


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