Thursday, March 24, 2011

Get It Together!

Today I was reflecting on things that happened in my life last year, and smiling as I thought of all the great things I learned, which I am currently applying going forward. After doing so, I decided to go back and read this great post I had on my older blog last year. Some of you may remember it if you read my beginner blog. So I'll share and hopefully it will inspire or motivate someone to get organized in some form or fashion. In the Twitter world, we all "RT" Retweet, so in the Blog world, I'll make my first "RP" Repost! (haha)

Until my next RP,
-Solar 40

Is Your Life Organized?
Have you ever wondered why your life doesn't make sense all the time? I know I do. One thing I've realized as an avid reader, is that a book has chapters for the purpose of organization and flow. If the material is not presented in an organized manner, it makes no sense. The same applies to my life and yours. When things aren't in order, it makes no sense. Get it together, get organized.

If you often get feedback that what you say makes no sense, then maybe you're getting the indirect hint that you need to get it together. Get it together, get organized.

Chapters represent the stages in your life, whether it's educational, personal, spiritual, etc. Each chapter should be a direct representation of who you really are regardless of what others think. I think I figured this out several years ago as a child. Characterized as mean, too blunt, aggressive, etc, I still manage to take some risks and say and do what I please. This personal freedom and acceptance of who I am has eliminated a lot of pain, misery, and failure from my life. Now don't get it twisted, my life gets a little fuzzy here and there sometimes, but for the most part it eventually falls back on track in my desired path after a little editing and rewriting. Get it together, get organized.

My advice to myself and others is to figure out what each chapter should be like in your life and then determine what each chapter leads to. If it doesn't make sense to you when it's bound, do you really expect others to get it? Let's be real. Get it together, get organized.

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